About Us

A truly amazing partnership was created in October 2012
I got my horse Luca in October 2012. I picked him up from Chelmsford without riding him or knowing anything about him apart from that he was recovering from his second lot of very serious gastric issues. There was this beautiful 5 year old boy standing in front of me, his eyes showed me hope, promise and commitment.

After 2 months in the field. I slowly started to work with him, first from the ground and then end of January 2013, I sat on him. It then became very clear to me that Luca had completely lost confidence in people and his work.

Our working partnership has gone from strength to strength and he is now loving his work. I have very high expectations of my very special friend and looking forward to many years together. 

All of this would not have been possible without GastroPlus. GastroPlus offered me an opportunity to nutritionally and naturally support Luca’s complete gastric system. With the high delivery system of Nitric Oxide it meant that his blood vessels were able to expand with better blood flow, so more oxygen was able to reach his brain, heart and other important organs. I truly believe that it saved his life.

I feel privileged to be part of Luca’s journey and have learnt so much. My goal is to inspire, make a difference and to show that anything is possible with the correct training, management and natural products.

Camilla Zanna